Traverse #3: Rorschach


For this upcoming traverse I intend to produce a concept I’ve had in my mind for some time. I’ve played with the idea of a puzzle game, surrounding psychological topics where each puzzle has some relation to a rorschach test. I think it would allow for some very appealing black and white aesthetics. And that’s why I wanted to create music that would be suited for that kind of focuesed low-intensity gameplay.

That is why the concept for this traverse is called “Rorschach”, and will be inspired by minimal music by Arvo Pärt and a contemporary jazz-style by Esbjörn Svensson. I think that blend of style is very possible and is also an intriguing challange to execute.

Goal and Scope

I will compose one song, arranged for a jazz trio, that helps the listener focus while also be related and illustrative to the concept of a rorschach test.


I will first declare a general structure that the details of the composition will adhere to.

Both the structure and its finer details should be interpreted as mirror images and will utilize inversions, retrogrades and other compositional techniques that plays with the idea of variating motifs.

The final product should be a recording of a jazz trio, but for this traverse I will only focus on creating a “virtual model” using software instruments and sample libraries for the composition and arrangement.