Traverse #2: Outer Rim


The inspiration for this week’s concept comes from the saturated feeling of Super Metroid and mysterious adventures on alien planets which reminded me of the feeling I had when I first played Mass Effect and explored the different worlds of the galaxy. And it got me wondering “What would a game like Mass Effect sound like if it was made in a 16-bit environment?”

That’s why the second traverse I make will be called “Outer Rim”. Inspired by the aesthetics of the 16-bit era of gaming, but sort of looking at it from our modern perspective. Musically I will draw inspiration from Jack Wall who produced the first Mass Effect games, and Ben Prunty with his very comfy FTL-soundtrack.

Goal and Scope

For this traverse I have a limited amount of time to work with. I reckon that I can at most set about 6 hours to create a track. Therefore my intention is to create one track and that conceptualizes an alien world in a convincing way.


I will spend about one hour researching the 16-bit systems and what limitations they put on the music producers, as a way to find inspirations to the melodies and arrangement.

I will avoid recording any material before I have actually written the melody and arrangement beforehand. My intention is to be more deliberate with how the concept is represented musically before it is represented sonically.

I will only use recordings that I have created myself and will not use sample libraries of any sorts. I will however use software synthesis if I find it useful and fitting. With that said, I will attempt to color the sound in a way that sounds retro and analog.