Retrospective: Traverse #1(Electric Blizzard)


Here is a mixdown of this traverse. Which is called “Electric Blizzard”. Have a listen! 🙂

Electric Blizzard


During this traverse I thought I would spend the most time composing and arranging the track, but it turned out that I allocated more time to finding the sounds and recording take until I felt pleased and exhausted with ideas of how to achieve the feeling and material that I needed for it.

I also assumed that I would use a regular meter for the music, such as 4/4 or 3/4, instead of the more complicated arrangement I happened to create in a flash of inspiration during the arrangement process of the traverse. This required me to spend a lot more time to learn and rehearse the compositions I intended for the music.

I also assumed that I would be able to create three seperate tracks out of one conceptual track, which was not the case since I ended up with only one track which more or less contained all these bits.

What went well?

It was easy to enter a “flow-state” where there was endless of possibilities during the first couple of days recording the synthesizers and drums and piano.

I envisioned the big cinematic and explosive drums beforehand but I didn’t expect to create such a great sound. Instead I was surprised over how the simple technique of using a M/S pair of Sony C100’s and pitching down each hit would create this very cinematic and powerful result. A bit of OTT compression helped to crank up the excitement of the signal, but still a very simple and effective technique.

Finally I really enjoy the piece! It really sounds electric and stormy-like. And you have to struggle to make it through alive haha.

What can be improved?

I think one of the biggest improvements can be found in being more deliberate with how I intend to produce a sound and that its place in the production has a purpose and a meaning. I feel like everything in this piece has its intention, but the way I produced them was “uncontrolled” in a sense, leaving a lot to happenstance and

Also if I intend to work in a very rapid pace then it will be benificial to avoid stuff that is a bit unfamiliar to me. Although, I’m aware that right now I have a lot of room for experimenting and building up knowledge of the stuff that is unfamiliar to me.

Lastly, I think it would be wise to set up a very strict time for editorial purposes. Looking at this recent traverse, I spent a lot more time in the “creative” process than in the “editorial”. And I can see how it would make sense to be more deliberate with that part of production and actually allocate proper time for it.


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