Pillars of Music – Noise and Not-noise

A meditation on the nature of harmony

We all have our own puzzle to put together.

It starts as a random collection, a noise of bits & pieces, and ends with a complete image. With the help of a vision – a finished form of the whole puzzle – we can start connecting the pieces and expand our understanding.

This is us. Avatars of puzzled territory. We start off in noise, and with faith, we end up in clarity. In our lives, we experience this continuous balance between noise and… well, what is the opposite of noise?

As technicians and academics of music and audio; we say that noise is the collection of all potential outcomes, present at the same moment in time. In terms of audio, that means the sound of a full frequency spectrum. The same way, a waterfall sounds.

Noise can be loud; and when it is, it’s usually not enjoyable. Could the opposite of noise be silence? While that is the popular view, the most recent evaluations by physicists show that even the empty vacuum of space is not completely void of stuff that we can measure. On the smallest possible scale, we have discovered how the fabric of space itself creates particles out of nothingness.

So we are constantly engulfed in noise. The big question is; how to stand out from it? Because the noise also signifies the potential for creation and patterns. It is the canvas onto which being itself is projected.

As creative beings, it is our interest to take that noise of potential and discover patterns of resonance. When we discover harmony in these patterns, our creation springs to life and moves independently. It will go to wherever it is destined to go.