Music Design For Games: Weekly Study #1


The inspiration for this weeks concept comes from the daily bike ride I take to the school. Recently the winter cold has swept over the Baltic sea and my beard freezes when I’m trudging through the outer parts of Stockholm. This has given me an impression of something supernatural and harsh seeping through the atmosphere.

That’s why for this fist week the concept will be “Electric Blizzard”. Inspired by music of Ben Frost and John Hopkins, I will strive to create an impression of a cold harsh environment that would be expressed for a game like Lost Planet which I played a lot when I got my Xbox 360 in high school. Merging it with the impressions of Simon Stålenhag and the sense of “familiar other-worldliness” that he is so good at capturing.

Goal and Scope

I will attempt to make three tracks that can creates a feeling of an electrified blizzard.

  1. Narrating concept of experiencing an electric blizzard
  2. Battle music for an electric blizzard
  3. Ambient music for the environment


First I will set out to record and create a “moodboard” piece which describes the style and concept. The sounds and ideas will later be transformed into the battle and ambient music.

I will only using recordings and samples which I have recorded myself.

I suspect that track #1 will be the most challenging to create. Recording and experimenting might take up to six hours. Finishing it will take three hours.

From there I can use that material to create the final two tracks. I think track #2 will take the longest with three hours, and I can probably wrap up track #3 in two hours.

This makes a total of 14 hours. Let’s see how close to that it will take 🙂