A person sits at a desk in a music studio, surrounded by recording equipment. They are focused on their work, with studio monitors on and a computer screen in front of them.

Introduction to Git for game composers

As a game composer, you know that collaborating with your team is key to creating great music for games. Git is a version control system that can help you and your team work together more efficiently and avoid conflicts when integrating your music into a game project. By using branches, tags, and pull requests, you can make sure your music integrates smoothly into the game and avoid any headaches. If you’re not already using Git, it’s worth learning – it’s a powerful tool for game composers. … Continue reading…Introduction to Git for game composers

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Music psychology in videogames

Video games has had a rapid technological evolution along with the advancement of data storage and processing power. The consequence for the role and function of music in games has likewise had a technological evolution, while the underlying principles of music as a conveyor of information and emotions has remained relatively unchanged. Here’s what music psychology can teach us about music for videogames and modern technological advancements. … Continue reading…Music psychology in videogames