Jacob Westberg sitting in front of a grand piano smiling and giving both thumbs up

Music psychology in videogames

Video games has had a rapid technological evolution along with the advancement of data storage and processing power. The consequence for the role and function of music in games has likewise had a technological evolution, while the underlying principles of music as a conveyor of information and emotions has remained relatively unchanged. Here’s what music psychology can teach us about music for videogames and modern technological advancements. … Continue reading…Music psychology in videogames

Man standing in front of drumkit with recording equipment

Leadership in game music

Analysis and reflections surrounding the Integrated Model of Group Development, as described by Susan Wheelan (2017), combined with the ideas on leadership based on modern social network theory as researched by Balkundi & Kilduff (2006), shows the importance for aspiring music producers in game development to understand the structure they operate in and the potential of their already existing network. … Continue reading…Leadership in game music