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🎮 Video Games

Student project (2020)

Music composition to a boss fight for an indie game project, currently in the making. Testing methods from game development and game design theory to create a stronger and impactful soundtrack for the player.

Hexagroove (2019), Ichigoichie

  • 🏆Best Game Audio” by the 2019 Baltic Sea Game Award. (link)

Debut title for Ichigoichie which includes sound design and music production from Mount West. Started out as an internship in game development, and later turned into the role of Music Producer and Sound Designer. Released in October 2019.

Tiny Echo (2017), Might & Delight Studios

  • 🏆Game of the Year” during the 2017 Swedish Design Awards. (link)
  • 🏆Best Audio” during the 2018 Reboot Develop conference. (link)

Complete musical soundtrack for the game “Tiny Echo” which was awarded for its audio.

Barmark (2015), Stormhatt Studios

Complete musical soundtrack for Stormhatt Studios title “Barmark”. An atmospheric puzzle game, which is meant to be a “zen garden in your pocket” for and ever-increasing stress-inducing society.

Student Project from 2014

Bachelor Thesis on narrative sound design in a dynamic environment for the game Limbo. All ambience and atmospheric audio have been swapped to tell a unique story of life and after-life.

🎥 Movies

Student Project from 2013

Music composition and sound design for ending scene of “Resident Evil”. Music turns really badass because the protagonist is supposed to be badass.

Student Project from 2012

Orchestral composition to “Corpse Bride”, exploring and amplifying the narrative flow of the visual context. A more classical take on “Mickey Mousing” which later incorporates electronic elements to symbolize the dicotomy of two worlds. Very dynamic, so turn up the volume and listen responsibly!

Student Project from 2011

A scene from the 1922 silent movie “Nosferatu”. Being a promethean of modern cinematography, the sound design with feedbacking delay and electronic soundscape attempts to magnify the visual experience and its haunting imagery.

Student Project from 2011

Rework of the sound for a scene from the movie “A Fistful of Dollars”. My intention was to create a surreal soundscape that could be interpreted in many different ways. I also decided to mix the sound in way so it sounded old and retro.

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