Have you ever wondered where music comes from?

Mount West is the journey to discover that source.

When did you start making music?

Music is already made before starting. You just have to
let it flow through you.

How can I listen to your music?

There are some hidden gems out there already. Right now I’m having a few releases coming up very shortly.

Where can I follow you?

Facebook: @MountWestMusic

Twitter: @MountWestMusic

Snapchat: @mt_west

Instagram: @MountWestMusic

Is there anything else you would like to add before we end?

Here’s a quote by Ching-yüan Wei-hsin about mountains and journeys:

Before I had studied Zen for thirty years, I saw mountains as mountains, and streams as streams.

When I arrived at a more intimate knowledge, I came to the point where I saw that mountains are not mountains, and streams are not streams.

But now that I have got its very substance I am at rest.

For it’s just that I see mountains once again as mountains, and streams once again as streams.